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#CorrerePerUnRespiro (Racing for a breath) is a project created in 2016, and was developed from ​​an idea of Rachele Somaschini, a young driver who was born in 1994. The project aims at channeling her enthusiasm for engines a way towards making car fans and young people aware of cystic fibrosis, one of the most severe and unknow genetic diseases, and one by wich Rachele is affected.
Thanks to world of rally racing, where she is a driver and testimonial of Cystic Fibrosis Research Foundation – ETS (FFC Research), along with RS Team support, her racing team, together with Paola Ferlini, Head of Milan FFC Research Delegation, Rachele managed to create an important network of solidarity. Many friends not only from the motorsport world, have supported the project through donations, sports and cultural initiatives or even simply donating their time.
Rachele gave voice to many people, who, like her, suffers and explains what it means to have cystic fibrosis and how it’s important not to lose hope, nor the will to fight.
The project aims at informing people about cystic fibrosis, not only as a way to fund research, but also and especially as a way to urge young couples to learn about the disease and to go into motherhood with full awareness.

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Rachele Somaschini’s debut in motorsport came in 2014, in the Intereuropa Cup at the Monza Circuit, together with her father Luca in an Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint. She continued to race in circuit and hill climbing till 2018.
In 2019, Rachele participated in the first WRC event ever at Rallye Monte-Carlo and won the title of Italian Female Champion in the Italian Rally Championship and Coppa ACI Sport R3 behind the whell of a Citroen DS3 R3T.
In 2020, she debuted at the European Rally Championship (FIA ERC) and was appointed member of the FIA Women in Motorsports, the project promoted by the International Automobile Federation to encourage participation of women in motorsport.
In 2021, Rachele participated in both the Italian Rally Championship and the Italian Gravel Rally Championship with a Citroen C3 Rally 2, and was awarded the Italian Female Champion title for the second time.
In 2022, she went on to improve her position with the Rally 2 car by driving in a programme that included  The Ice Challenge series, four FIA ERC events, seven national rallies, for wich she was given the Female Champion Title in TER international series.

Rachele Somaschini